How it works

Step by step

how it works

With Solarify, you can invest in solar panels sustainably, easily and profitably, even without owning your own home. You buy solar panels on Swiss roofs and receive your profit from the sale of solar electricity every three months. Solarify takes care of the rest. You benefit from a steady increase in value. And don't worry: You can sell your solar panels back to Solarify at any time.


1. Choose your solar panels

  • Order your solar panels on a Swiss roof on our website
  • Pay your solar panels
  • Lean back

2. Solarify takes care of the rest

  • We install the solar plant on the roof as soon as enough buyers have ordered solar panels
  • We insure your solar panels
  • We take care of the maintenance of the solar plant during the whole contract period (usually 25 years)

3. Enjoy your benefits

  • For the whole duration of the contract (generally 25 years) you will receive your share of the sales revenues of the solar power every three months
  • Sustainable and clean investment: your contribution against climate change
  • Expected annual return of approx. 2-3% (IRR)
  • Also suitable as a gift
  • You can always sell your solar panels back to Solarify