Solar panel on kindergarten Spitalacker Bern

Solar panel on kindergarten Spitalacker Bern

566 CHF incl. VAT

Location: Kindergarten Spitalacker, Bern

Key figures on the solar panel

Expected repayment: 22 CHF per panel and year

Solar panel: from Swiss manufacturer Megasol

Total size of the plant: 83 Solar panels

Installation date: October/November 2019

Contract period: 30 years (with right of resale)

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Key figures of the solar plant

  • Location: Kindergarten Spitalacker, Bern
  • Size of the plant: 83 solar panels
  • Roof partner: City of Bern
  • Expected electricity production: 20 000 kWh per year
  • Self-consumption: 15% consumed in the kindergarten
  • Power feed-in: 85% sold to the grid
  • Coverage ratio of building with solar power: 300%
  • CO2 savings: approx. 8 tons per year
  • Project volume: 47 000 CHF
  • Installation date: October/November 2019

Strengths of this project

  • The children can directly consume the solar power
  • Reliability: The city of Bern as a public administration is long-term oriented and bankruptcy-proof
  • We produce solar power close to the people in the neighbourhood, where it is needed
  • Energie Wasser Bern (EWB) pays a fair feed-in tariff

Do you want to give the solar panel as a gift to someone?

If the solar panel is a gift, please enter the name, address and email address of the presentee in the “order note” section when checking out. An overview of the earnings is sent to these addresses every 3 months. The invoice for the purchase of the solar panels will be sent to you as buyer.


The indicated price is calculated without EIV subsidy (the federal government distributes this one-off payment about one year after the solar plant is put into operation). The EIV will be paid out in full to the buyer in the amount of approximately 20% of the purchase price.


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